Singapore Airlines – The Economy Class Experience

When the time arrived for me to hit the road for an extended 2 month stay in India a micro adrenaline dump to my veins energized me to begin planning immediately.

As with many people around the globe, I share the same love for travel. There’s something almost inexplicable with the experience of detaching from our familiar surroundings and diving into a new culture and environment.

New people, foods, sounds, scents, and experiences drive awareness and growth in our lives almost effortlessly. These experiences are like a tattoo on our minds we carry forward with us through life.

Regardless of how long you stay in a city or country, even 48 hours can bring a life changing perspective to our realities.

Back to my search for a ticket to India.. In today’s world there are endless options to get us to our destination of choice.

Where does a person start?

Diving deeper beyond our basic google search, those websites specializing in travel like Kayak, Expedia, or Skyscanner often bring excellent options aggregated in one site.

While the former options are an excellent way to begin a search for airfare, don’t forget to check directly on airline websites.

Having traveled with Singapore Airlines multiple times in the past, I decided to hop on their company website to run a search on ticket options.

Singapore Airlines holds a special place in my mind as it was the first airline I traveled on. I first took to the skies at the age of 6 months to make my first trip to my family motherland of India.

While I have no actual recollection of our trip, the photo of my mom, brother, and myself (taken by my father) sitting on a bed in Singapore waiting for our connecting flight is priceless.

Amazingly, I was able to find a ticket from LAX to Chennai, India via Singapore Airlines for only $857. This was an excellent price for any time of year so I jumped on it.

This is my fourth time traveling on Singapore Airlines and I can say every time I’ve flown Singapore Airlines economy class it’s been an enjoyable experience to date.

Regrettably, I can’t say the same for other airlines I’ve flown with internationally. We won’t name any names for the moment.

Singapore Airlines economy class on the Boeing 777–300ER is as spacious and comfortable as it gets.

Having recently visited the Boeing manufacturing plant in Seattle I’ve started to geek out on the intense technology we have access to with these unbelievably expensive aircrafts. I believe the Boeing 777 costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 Million.

During our tour of the Boeing manufacturing plant the conversation of owning one of these high tech aircrafts came up.

I laughed thinking, why worry about owning one when you have access to it at any time of your choice for around $1,000?

Yes, we live in an amazing world at a time with such advanced technology the titans of our previous generations would be awe struck.

Singapore Airlines has some of the best air hostesses in the industry. A very polite and helpful team with an eye-catching uniform to match. This team definitely makes the experience an enjoyable flight.

The dining menu on Singapore Airlines economy class from LAX to Narita, Japan was amazing. For our first meal we were served an option of Japanese beef curry or pork and rice. I opted for the beef and rice. The beef was slow cooked and flavored to perfection, rivaling top restaurants.

For our second meal we had an option of chicken or fish and rice. I went for the fish and was surprised to receive such a juicy piece of well spiced and seasoned salmon. I would compare the quality of these meals to the entrees served at The Cheesecake Factory or a similar establishment.

Entertainment on Singapore Airlines is rich with content. From the latest Hollywood movies to International films and a solid music selection, room for boredom in flight is not an option.

Leg room in Singapore Airlines is spacious when compared to other competitors. For economy class I was pleasantly surprised to see this in Singapore’s cabin.

While I usually tend to get a bit fidgety in the skies after passing eight hours or so of the journey, I was comfortable and felt good throughout the leg of the journey to Narita, Japan.

A disembark and break in Japan, then we continued on to Singapore. I’m not sure what happened on this leg of the journey with the food menu but I was a bit disappointed to receive chicken and rice with almost inedible chicken.

However, all other parts of the flight from Japan to Singapore were on par with the previous leg of the journey. I spent a five hours in Singapore’s Changi Airport awaiting my next connecting flight.

The Singapore Changi Airport holds a very elegant and luxurious aura. I took some time to enjoy the airport as I hit the Burger King and had a Whopper meal for a quick 3am snack.

My final leg of the journey was with their partner airlines Silk Air from Singapore to Chennai. This is a basic, no frills airline geared towards shorter flight times (Singapore to Chennai is only 4 hours.)

While Silk Air is a partner, don’t expect any entertainment or other features found on a traditional Singapore Airlines flight. This is comparable to a Southwest Airlines flight, which works for me on short flights.

Overall, Singapore Airlines is one of the best out there and have been in the market for decades. If you have the opportunity to fly Business class, jump at it. However, when flying economy class Singapore Airlines is an excellent choice.

I hope to keep you updated with my travels and time spent in India over the next couple months. If you have an upcoming international trip to this side of the world, I highly recommend checking in with Singapore Airlines.

Until next time, keep pushing and progressing..


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