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Review of Cardone University

With a price tag of $10,000 Cardone University can strike fear into the average person. That previous statement clearly separates those who will succeed with this program and who should stay away from it.

“Be Obsessed or Be Average.” – Grant Cardone

To some that quote may rub them the wrong way. That’s not a problem. The content taught on Cardone U is not a good fit for every single person on this planet.

However, if you do have a desire to learn how to maximize your productivity, regardless of the industry you currently work in, then keep reading. This platform, the information, the experience, and the results that I have personally received since starting Cardone U are anything but average.

As entrepreneurs and business professionals it is a common misconception that “sales” is handled by a specific department in the company by those special people who were born sales people. I’m sure we all know that it is not possible for a human to be born as a sales person. Even how the word sales has been turned into a borderline derogatory term is a foolish misconception by average people.

Some entrepreneurs starting a new venture may say to themselves, “I’m not a sales person, I’m the CEO.” News flash. Without sales you don’t have a company to run. There is no need for an accounting department, there’s nothing to count. Legal department? There aren’t any legal issues because nobody is doing business with you. Human Resources? Nope, nothing here because you don’t have money to hire employees. Marketing department? Ok, here we may have a point. However, those leads that are generated from the marketing department will ultimately have to be moved to the selling phase where you help your customer and have an exchange of value.

I understand this is an elementary explanation of how crucial sales are to an organization. Still, the misconception and lack of respect for the importance of sales is beyond extraordinary.

As an entrepreneur of a family owned business I began educating myself on the subject of sales. Prior to becoming a full time entrepreneur, aside from retail sales at Radio Shack and General Nutrition Centers, I have not held the professional responsibility of sales. However, I quickly realized how critical sales are to an organization once I was put in a position where I felt the direct impact from a lack of sales. Yes, as an entrepreneur everyone in your organization gets paid before you do. There’s no telling employees I need a couple more weeks and I’ll get that paycheck over to you. Nope, you do whatever it takes to make sure everyone else eats and you get what you can, if anything at all.

Anyone with a basic understanding of Finance can see that the problem most businesses and individuals face is not always an expense issue. Sure, there are always ways to optimize expenses to control costs. However, revenue – also known as sales, is what determines how long you stay in business (or keep your job).

For some reason, the sales profession has been viewed as a last resort type of position. Among the common population they view it as something beneath them. That’s actually a good thing. Let them keep thinking like that while people like us understand the value of sales. If you have any desire to work for yourself one day, this is one the best positions to start in. Still, it’s a common practice for individuals to work in sales while never investing in their sales education and training, barely getting by with average hit and miss results. The truth is skilled sales people are what grow organizations while commanding extremely lucrative compensation. Acquiring the best knowledge and sales training will open doors and opportunities with organizations across the globe.

I’ve known of Grant Cardone since 2014 and have read several of his books from Sell or Be Sold, The 10X Rule, Be Obsessed Or Be Average, to other unbelievable timeless works. However, I still did not make that plunge into joining Cardone U.

With a lack of sales in our family business and the pressure rising I knew I had to do something quick to turn things around. Now with a price tag of $10,000 a person tends to think long and hard about whether this is a good decision to make. Did I have $10,000 to invest and test out whether this might work for me? No, far from it.

I decided to wait since it was such a big decision for me to make at that time. This was right around the time Grant had the first 10X Growth Con in 2017. I decided to hop on the live stream for the 3-day conference, I believe I paid $99. I can say with 100% honesty and certainty that the value exchange on that transaction was completely lopsided.

I could not believe how rattled my brain was, shedding layers of false beliefs that did not serve me. Grant and his team over delivered to the point that I felt my $99 live stream was practically stealing a seat to this amazing event. I ended up buying the lifetime access to the 2017 10X Growth Con which I still watch to this day. It’s like every time I watch I pull some new information out of it I didn’t catch before.

After watching the 2017 10X Growth Con I continued my self-education on how to help my family business recover. I knew that sales was what we needed, and needed fast to stay in the game. I decided to swing for the fences. I opened a Capital One Venture Rewards credit card and made the decision to go in on Cardone U.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.” — T.S. Eliot

I should also share that this was a very calculated risk. I am not married, do not have kids, and didn’t carry any other consumer debt when making this decision. Taking your whole situation into consideration is extremely important when making big financial decisions.

From the moment I signed on to Cardone U after finishing the on boarding process with Natasha, it was like a semi-truck hit me and light bulbs started going off in my head. It is mind blowing how misunderstood sales is by 99% of the world. I launched into a lesson about attitude, it is unbelievable how important this single factor plays in every interaction we have. This single topic of attitude taught by Grant on the platform is explained, demonstrated, redefined, applied, and otherwise dissected to a whole new level of understanding.

There’s a reality that for some innate reason humans tend to shy away from. Rejection. Feelings and perception associated with rejection causes people to fail in sales and in life. I immediately arrived at the realization that what I thought I knew and how Grant explains and teaches these concepts is not even on the same planet. Like every other person I feared rejection, not moving the sale forward. I’m not sure how to even detail what happened during my initial lessons, but my reality and understanding was transformed.

After the first lessons on Cardone U I launched into action. When I hear the average person share their misconceptions from brainwashing about the cold call it is laughable, almost to the point of comedy.

While every business is different depending on the industry and business model, I will briefly share the type of business I applied my learning to. In Home Care for our elderly is a growing need across the entire globe. My family has been operating a Home Care Organization in California since 2014. Competition is unbelievably thick and it can be tough to cut through the noise in the marketplace. Within the first 30 days of being on Cardone U, I was able to generate leads which later converted to sales in excess of $10,000. It has not even been one year since I signed up for Cardone U and this program has paid for itself multiple times over.

While I am not sure if this perk is still being offered, I was also given an extra gift by Uncle G. At the time I signed up for Cardone U, I was also extended an invitation to attend the 2018 10X Growth Con in Las Vegas at no additional cost. After viewing the live stream of the 2017 10X Growth Con, I thought that itself is beyond worth it. To top it off, Uncle G paid for my accommodations in a King Room at the Mandalay Bay. 2018’s 10X Growth Con brought about even more life altering realizations to my life. You will not leave the same person you showed up as at the 10X Growth Con.

To wrap things up, I am approaching my one-year end of my subscription to Cardone U which I paid $10,000 for. 100% confirmed that I am buying the lifetime membership to this platform this year ($20,000). The results I have personally experienced are far beyond what I even thought I could achieve. Thinking bigger and breaking out of the limited thinking we’ve been conditioned to all our lives is what it takes to reach new heights. I have been applying the same lessons and new skills to sales in other industries and continue to flourish. I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have if you’re looking for any insight, shoot me an email: [email protected]. Cardone U may not be for certain businesses, although it translates to so many parts of life.

Even if Cardone U is not the right fit for you at the moment, please consider the following. Adopting a mentality of a life long student in whatever industry or field you are working in will take you to new levels. Here’s the secret, there will always be new levels. This is not something to become anxious or frustrated about, instead this is something to become energized and excited about. Train, train, train. They say repetition is the father of learning. I’m learning that lesson well, as the more I train on the Cardone U platform, the more results I achieve.

Until next time, keep pushing and progressing.

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