A Welcome Letter

               Unless you’re a close relative of mine, it’s highly unlikely that we personally know each other at this moment. However, I truly believe that we’ve met here today for a reason. You see, there’s a striking connection between two people in search of realizing their greater visions.

               Now while I don’t know your deepest desires, secrets, and ambitions I can be 99.99% positive you are here because you have a feeling inside.. A feeling that you have more to give to this world. More to give than just following a daily routine, which doesn’t engage you to live as daring and purposeful as you know you have the ability for.

               Before we go any further, I would like to be as direct and clear as possible by telling you what Income Over Expense is not. This is not an online marketing gimmick or network marketing group to help you get rich quick. I have nothing against those types of organizations, this isn’t one of them. There is no such thing as “getting rich quick.” Even if there was I wouldn’t want it. Neither should you.

               We live in unbelievably mind-blowing times. Still, the majority of those around us are blind to the opportunity and will not progress. Income Over Expense shares with the world long term truths and strategies. When consistently applied, achievement and success in life is inevitable. Believe me when I say you came here for a reason. Otherwise you would be in a half-conscious state with your eyes glued to Netflix.

              Income Over Expense can be applied to every area of your life. While we primarily focus on our financial lives, this formula equally applies to your health and relationships.  If you wake up early in the morning to get a workout in before you head off to work, that’s income. A positive push towards becoming healthier, these actions add up just like dollars in a bank account. Conversely, if you got to sleep at 4am because you’ve been out getting plastered at the club and ended up eating hot dogs on a street corner after, that’s an expense. Not just financially, but an expense on your health. In relationships, it’s the same thing. You have those friends and family who help you and bring you up to become better (income). Then there are those toxic individuals who slay not only their own ambitions and goals, but that of everyone around them (expense).

               While it is impossible, and probably not ideal to be strictly on one side or the other. It is critical that your Income is greater than your Expense. This is a formula. Income Over Expense. In everything you do, the Income must outweigh the Expense. If you find yourself in any situation where this may not be the case, then some serious decisions need to be made.

If your Expenses exceed your Income, you go into debt. Whether it’s your personal finances, health, or a relationship. Going into debt in any of these is stressful and dangerous to your wellbeing and success.

So why am I here doing this? Why am I spending my time and money to go out into the world and bring you this information? Well, if I said I weren’t doing this with a little bit of selfish interest I’d be lying. Income Over Expense’s mission is to identify the core information of how to build a successful life with financial intelligence. Some may argue that scratching your own itch is not the best approach when starting a venture. I guess only time will tell.. Welcome to the gateway drug towards financial intelligence. 


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